– Peardeck Login Detailed Guide 2022-2023

This article will walk you through the whole joinpd login process from the beginning to the end. During the process of joining a class, students have three different ways to log in, namely the Five-letter joining code, the email address, and the joining link.

There are several websites that give detailed instructions on how to log in. The process may seem complicated, but it can actually be made simpler. All you have to do is read the instructions carefully and follow them accordingly.

Let’s continue, so we can learn more about joining PD. First of all, let’s review what join PD is, what exactly is it?

Peardeck is open for students to join. Visit the Signup page to get started. Students will require a Peardeck login code in order to participate in peer to peer sessions. So, how do you obtain a code?


What Is Pear Deck – Joinpd

In simple terms, Peardeck join can be seen as a tool that allows teachers and students to connect for online classes and to attend presentations together.

A teacher is responsible for creating a presentation in this tool, after logging in, and sending a link to the students of that subject. USA students frequently use this tool. The student help portal category would be appropriate for this.

The official website of the company is In the stage of their social and personal development, it appears to be a very useful tool for the students. Students at Peardeck develop a positive attitude towards learning and learn the importance of community.

Think of JoinPD as an online educational platform that supports academic learning in all its forms. All members of the portal can access that through the JoinPD Com Login.

JoinPD also integrates with Schoology. Prior Pear Deck accounts are required for this integration. The benefits of this are that the Peardeck join code route is bypassed and sessions on the site are accessed directly.

Additionally, Schoology has an integrated Teacher Dashboard where you can view responses while using Schoology.

You need not worry if you have never used Peardeck login before or if you don’t know how to use it, we will walk you through the complete process.

Join Pear Deck By Creating An Account At

This post explains how to create an account with Pear Deck and become a new user.

Creating a new Pear Deck account is the first step to engaging your students through interactive displays.

Click here to visit Pear Deck’s website, go to Google Slides, or view PowerPoint Online. Login using your Google account or Microsoft Office 365 account to Pear Deck’s website, Google Slides for presentations, or PowerPoint Online.

Let’s understand how the Peardeck.Join account works step-by-step.

  • You can sign up for a teacher account by visiting
  • You can choose what kind of account you want to sign into.
  • If you have a Google Drive or OneDrive account, you will be asked to grant Pear Deck access. Following that, you will be asked a few questions about your account. Information about student selectors is not collected.
  • By clicking Authorize, you will be connected. You will be able to access Pear Deck as well as your Google Drive or OneDrive account. Just enter your e-mail address and password. A permission request will also be made.
  • Please enter your school and postcode. It’s okay if your institution doesn’t appear on the drop-down box or you don’t have a US postcode. As an alternative to your school’s address or postcode, you can type any 5 number.
  • Download Pear Deck and open Google Slides (if you use the Google account) or PowerPoint online presentation (if you use Office 365). Install Pear Deck. Learn how to use it below!


How To Join The Peardeck Presentation On

Learning takes place in an environment that is conducive to JoinPD Com. The teacher may respond to gestures from reserved students and accommodate strident students.

It is not necessary for you to worry about delays during the Q&A. Why? Virtual spaces, such as JoinPD, operate in real-time, reducing the likelihood of mistakes being made sessions.

  • The teacher has to create a presentation, upload it to, and provide the students with an access code through which they can access it.
  • Students are allowed to restrict their activities on joinpdcom online classes.
  • One of the most amazing aspects of this is that a teacher can restrict any alterations or modifications to the answers provided by a student, so that he or she can track the student’s progress.

In addition, classes are only accessible if you have an access code.


How To Get Peardeck Join Code

By providing your JoinPD code, you will be able to easily take part in a Peardeck section. Your password will be all you need to complete the process. For access to joinpdcom, you will need a password. Please follow the steps below carefully.

  • Go to or search for joinpdcom on your browser
  • Enter the 5-digit code for the join presentation number
  • Remember that the code has an expiration date of 4 days.
  • Registering with your email address is also possible.

Explore the official website to learn more about the JoinPD Com Login code acquisition. In the next section, we describe the JoinPD Com Login process.

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How To Sign Up For Peardeck Class Login?

Learn more about the Peardeck join code by clicking on the link below. Your PD Join Code can be obtained by signing into JoinPD.Com.

It’s simple to connect the JoinPD extension for Google Account to Google Slides. Please follow the steps below to download and install the JoinPD add-ons for Google Slides.

Now, let’s read about how we can connect to students and teachers on Peardeck

  • Visit the JoinPD official website. This can be done by clicking on
  • You will then see the login page. You will need to enter your username and password there.
  • Once you have entered your email address or password, click the Submit button. You will see the login screen on your account dashboard.


Participate In Your Peardeck Participate In Class

Choosing the instructor-led course requires you to follow the steps below.

  • com is the first step.
  • During your session on, enter the 5-character Pear Deck Code.
  • If you choose to share or email the link to your session (see the first step above), you can do so by clicking Give Students the Link. Once a student clicks the link, they will be able to register for the class.
  • Despite the fact that the membership codes expire after one week, the link to the session is always active. Let’s say you want students to be able to attend sessions that last longer than a week.
  • Create an anonymous account by using an avatar that you have chosen or by using the email address and password for your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account. That depends on your account settings.
  • The Dashboard view is available when you select a student-paced activity and have access to the premium version.
  • The join button is located in the upper right corner of your screen. Click it to view instructions on how to join.
  • Students’ activity speed is indicated by an arrow in red on the dashboard.


Conclusion: What Pear Deck Offers

Unlike other organizations that merely provide coaching professionals and participants in virtual classes, Pear Deck does much more than that. Pear Deck offers educational webinars, as well as creating an academic community to help bridge the gap left by insufficient trainer equipment. All of these tools are available on the JoinPD Teacher Dashboard.

Deck prefers interactive classes to lectures sold in the organization, deferring to community guidelines. Good interactive classes should approximate physical classes, regardless of the propagation medium. That means using tools that cue engaging responses from students. Pear Deck, via its JoinPD Com Login portal, engages all users meaningfully. Good luck.


Question & Answer – FAQs


How does Pear Deck work?

Using Pear Deck, students are actively engaged in their learning through individual and social interaction. The teacher uses their Google Drive account to create presentations.


How can I get the joinpd code?

you will receive the joinpd code from the instructor who has made the presentation.


How can I join joinpd com join?

Joinpd can be joined by a 5 digit code, link, or email address.


Do you need a Google account to use Pear Deck?

A new feature allows Pear Deck users to invite others to join presentations without requiring them to have an email account. Using their email addresses or joining anonymously is now an option.


Why should I use Pear Deck?

In order to advance inquiry-based learning, slide presentations will be combined with interactive questions. Students can use this method both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers can watch Pear Deck live to see who is participating in the discussion at any given time.


What is Joinpd Hack?

Hack – If you wonder what Pear Deck Learning is, it is the platform where there is the possibility of active learning. In order for students to be active in every aspect of the program, they will get many engagements. Additionally, it allows teachers to complete their assessments with ease and comfort.

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